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  • Reduce risks of receiving goods with poor quality and non-compliance.
  • Select the right suppliers to cooperate with.
  • Prevent potential quality problems and make sure the on-time delivery!
  • With 15+ years quality inspection experience
  • Qulified quality control experience by ASQ or AQSIQ
  • US$238 per man-day (all-inclusive)
  • Anywhere in China!
  • No any other hidden fees will be charged
  • Refund your money if you are unhappy with our services
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Tailored FACTORY AUDIT service is welcome among small business importers

To help those small business importers to qualify the suppliers at low cost., CHINA INSPECTION SERVICE LIMITED tailored a simple version FACTORY AUDIT service since Sep.01,2013. With our tailored simple version of the FACTORY AUDIT service,the importers can easily verify their suppliers at low cost.Today, 258 importors have used this service and expressed their high statisfictory for this service: Very helpful information plus very good price. Do you want to know the details? Here is the link of a sample report: Factory Audit-FA-sample report.pdf
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